Who you were . . . is part of who you are


Ever wondered ... if you have lived before?

  • if you were a sinner or a saint?

  • who your soulmate is?
  • is there really life after death?
  • who your guardian angel is?
  • Who were you?

Perhaps you are drawn to a particular place or antiques invoke in you, a deep emotion or perhaps you have knowledge of something you "know" you just shouldn't have.


I help you find the answers to your own questions. I can teach you how to tap into your own intuition and connect you to your own guides or guardian angels, your own source for the information you want for living the life you came here to live.

There are many reasons to have a past life regression. All of them can help you understand yourself better. The experiences you had in a past life come forward with you into this life. Many people remember some of them as a child, but the adults in their life may have convinced them it was just their imagination. Our belief systems, as we get older, put up blocks to these memories.

The subconscious motivations for the choices we make come from past experience. Some from this life; some from past lives. At times we may wonder how we knew to do something, where our talents come from, or why we are attracted or repelled by a certain person. Instinct is tapping into our subconscious memories - all of them!

Understand yourself better and learn who you were and why some things are more important to you than others.

Past Life Therapy is based on the principle that events that have occurred in a personĀ“s previous lifetimes can affect the present.
During therapy, past life traumas and experiences are explored.
The therapist assists the client in resolving any remaining emotional issues or unfinished business in that life, and aids the integration of the experience into the present life situation.
Many emotional problems and conflicts can be quickly and effectively resolved through past life regression therapy.
Because many physical conditions are considered to be psychosomatic, it is found that symptoms may subside or disappear through this therapy.
Past life therapy is a rapid and effective method of healing present life issues and can be as profound an experience for the therapist as the client.

During the session, you can expect to be fully aware of what is going on around you. By slow careful guidance, I will open your conscious mind to the subconscious memories of past times. You will be quite capable of speaking and providing detailed accounts of the memories you recall, just as though they were memories of this current life. It is the same as if I were to ask you to describe  the scene and events of a vacation you took a number of years ago, I would ask you what the resort was like, what you were wearing, what the weather was like and the temperature. I could ask you what you ate and what you were driving. All the events would be recalled and you would be able to describe them to me.

This is the same as recalling an event or events from past lives. The only difference is that you realize that these memories are NEW ones, you have not recalled before in this life. You will however recognize them AS memories.  Some you will "see" as a first hand observer, BEING the person, others you may see as an outdise observer, not wanting to associate yourself with the character who you would rather NOT be, knowing what you do know now or if it is not agreeable to your current morals or beliefs.

Nonetheless, you will be able to recognize the events as being you in another time and be able to speak to me openly describing what you have just recalled.

You will also remember these events after the session is over.

The insight you can gain from such recollections helps you better understand who you are now and appreciate how far you have come in your own spiritual* development.

 * The term spiritual does not imply any religious beliefs or practices. it is used as a term of existence as a living being with the acceptance that we are an energy being first and foremost, and that our physical form is only part of who we are in whole.

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