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What is hypnosis? 


The word hypnosis invokes skepticism, fear,and the idea of being controlled.

 "Will you make me bark like a dog? cluck like a chicken?"  All  these  originated from movies,

folklore and distorted accounts of stage hypnosis.


The Webster's New World dictionary says this:  hypnosis, a sleep- like condition in which the subject is in an altered state of

 consciousness and responds with certain limitations to the suggestions of the hypnotist".  So what does this mean?


Hypnosis comes from the Greek work Hypnos  meaning sleep. The only resemblance is the outward appearance as the

 subject is in a relaxed physical state. Hypnosis is not sleep, but rather a very concentrated relaxed state of  mind.  It also means you can choose to accept the suggestions you're given or mentally override them or change them to suit your needs.  When "in hypnosis"  you will never do anything that you would not do in a normal state of mind. 


 When you are in the "Hypnotic" state of consciousness you'll feel as though nothing is happening.  You’ll be able to hear, smell, feel, taste and see. You may actually ask yourself “ Am I hypnotized?”


 The truth is you will have more control of your senses than in the normal state of consciousness.


I have been putting the word Hypnosis in Quotes. I do this because like most people, the word has become synonymous with the negative connotations placed on it over the years.


A modern way of looking at this state of mind would be one I call:


"a Heightened State of Awareness"  or " H.S.A."

Hypnosis is a state of being where the physical body is at rest and the mental abilities can be

heightened to allow communication between the conscious, the subconscious, and the higher self or soul

consciousness of a person.


How does H.S.A. work?

A series of suggestions are given to your conscious mind to bring you into a pleasant state of relaxation. As you relax deeper

 you will enter into a state called the trance. I much prefer to use the term A Heightened State of Awareness  Your conscious mind

 becomes relaxed so that its desire and ability to judge and to reason becomes very much lessened.  As you enter into

 this state your subconscious mind becomes the dominant force. When this happens the suggestions given to you are automatically

 absorbed into the subconscious mind. When suggestions are stored into the subconscious mind the words are stored as memories.

 The result is these memories become the change you desire and that change will be with you for life.


HSA expands on the classical view of only giving "suggestions" while the client is in that relaxed state.  It involves

interaction between the Hypnotist/therapist and the client. This can involve speech, gestures, even open-eyed discussions and self-

reflection of the issues at hand. It can also involve "energy work" using the concepts of the human energy field or aura and the belief

that memories are stored in this energy field, getting away from the traditional view of all the issues being in the physical mind or brain.


Is HSA Dangerous?

HSA is a natural state of consciousness and  can be used safely by practically all persons. You enter into this state many times on a

 daily basis. For example when you daydream or when you're reading and someone calls to you and you just  don't hear them. Anothe

r is when you’re driving down the highway focusing on where you're going and you pass your cut-off. This is known as “Highway

hypnosis”.   To better understand what "hypnosis" is, consider calling "hypnosis" by a different name or term: 

Guided Meditation, and it is guided meditation which leads to the heightened state of awareness


What can HSA Treat?

Let's first consider what HSA allows us to access. Our conscious is actually divided into 3 parts: Conscious, Sub-Conscious

and Higher-Self, or Soul Consciousness.


The conscious mind is the part that handles all the sensory input as well as judgement,  reasoning, acceptance or rejection of

something, and our awareness of our environment.


The Sub-conscious handles all bodily functions 24 hours a day and as well it stores EVERY event that we perceive through our

senses.  Most of which we are unaware of because we are bombarded with millions of events every second of our waking hours. For

example, every sound, everything we have within our visual scope, every scent, everything we feel, from hot and cold to vibrations etc.

 which we don't even pay attention to.


The Higher self  or soul consciousness records every single event from the moment we became a life form, it is also in touch with or

 connected to every other higher self or soul consciousness on earth. (and beyond?)  In this way, psychics are seemingly able to

 transcend space and time itself to reveal thoughts, events or information far beyond our normal senses. Understand now, that the

 subconscious mind and higher-self can communicate together. But these 2 consciousnesses are NOT easily able to communicate

knowingly with the conscious mind in our normal state of awareness as we perceive it.


Through H.S.A., the link can be made between all 3. This gives us the conscious ability to discover lost memories and delve deeply

into our true being to unlock reasons for phobias, illnesses, past life events, and even future events. (Although these are subject to a

persons own belief system). The possibilities are limitless. Some common ailments which can be successfully treated with Hypnosis

include, but are not limited to:


Phobias, sleep disorders, compulsive disorders, memory enhancement, physical performance, Weight loss or gain, sexual

dysfunctions, allergies, Habits such as nail biting, smoking, drugs, alcoholism, etc., stress and anxiety, memory recall, and almost any

 health issue.


If you have a problem you KNOW exists but every doctor says there is nothing wrong, H.S.A. can uncover and treat what the

problem is. This gets into the realm of Contemporary "Hypnosis" which deals with more than just hypnotic suggestion, and instead

relies on a 2-way interaction between therapist and client. This includes spirit rescue , past life therapy and advanced

meditative energy work on the soul level,


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