The Iceberg MIND

What is MIND (or Consciousness)?

Scientists are constantly striving to understand the way the mind functions.  They know much about how the brain works, but they leave defining "consciousness" to the philosophers. We consider that there are at least two aspects of mind that function differently. One is the conscious or rational mind and the other is called the sub-conscious, the irrational mind, or "deeper consciousness."


What is CONSCIOUS MIND? The conscious mind is that sate of awareness in which you do your work of reading, calculating, analyzing. . .most of what you call  "thinking."   It can be detected by the frequency of the electromagnetic waves (14 to 40 cycles per second) that your brain emits when you are in this aspect of consciousness.  It is that part of your consciousness of which you are most aware. You might say it is like the "visible" part of an iceberg. When you sleep your conscious mind goes "off-line."  


Your sub-conscious mind controls your body, emotional responses, and habits.  It is the sum of the patterns (or programs) ingrained in your nervous system over time.  These patterns are like ruts that you slip into even when you are determined otherwise.

The sub-conscious mind is similar to the lower part of an iceberg because it is mostly hidden below the surface, but is massively influential on all your behavior.  It is your personal "operating system."

You can adjust the sub-conscious programs and patterns of behavior, or replace them entirely with patterns that serve you better.  This applies to health issues as well as emotions, fears, limitations and habits.