The first time I met David was truly amazing.

We had talked about Reiki prior to our first meeting. I asked David to come and do a Reiki healing session on me. Following two such sessions, which I found to be very beneficial, I asked if he could teach me how to do that. He agreed and subsequently attuned to me to level I and level II Reiki.


I immediately felt different, more relaxed, and more content and an overall feeling of positivity I've never felt before. I practiced using Reiki as instructed by David and soon found I had the ability to utilize this new energy to heal hands on. I channelled this energy and put my hands on a dog bite on one of friends leg. Within minutes, we witnessed the wound closed and no longer wet and infected. Another friend had a very sore knee. Once again, I laid my hands on the knee and sent healing energy and the pain was gone instantly. Never to return. Another friend had a very sore back. She had pulled a muscle. I sent Reiki energy and her back relaxed and she said it felt like she had a heating pad on her back.

With this new found energy, I discovered I could do things I never thought possible before., I could intend the sun to shine when it wasn't.  I could intend the rain to stop when I was walking in it.  I just had to think of someone and I could send healing energy to them at any distance. It seems I had this hidden gift which David help me find and develop. I owe David for teaching me the power of Reiki and positive thinking, which can change your life drastically in a moment.

I have no fears anymore. I'm willing to take risks where I never would have. I look at every situation with a positive outlook instead of negative and any difficult situation is easily solved because of this.

Life in general is less complicated. I have also had David, put me under hypnosis to rid me of aphobia of spiders. He has taken away my insomnia through hypnosis, and I now have very restful sleep every night instead of sleepless nights.

David has also been gifted with dealing with spirit attachments. I had two spirits which had drowned to death attached to me that made my life very disturbing. David is trained in releasing these spirits and sending them into the light where they belong.

I have called on him for regressions. and I have referred him to friends for dealing with the loss of loved ones.

David is truly a gifted man in several areas of healing, and I highly recommend that if for any reason you don't feel right and you don't know why,  give David a call with your symptoms and/or problems and you will be amazed at the results that can be accomplished.

Thank you so much David.

Wendy Black

Ancaster Ontario