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A new level of awareness

Posted by David Bellis on Wednesday, March 1, 2017, In : From the desk of A Healing Edge 
It's been a while since I have written on my blog. My apologies.
It seems that we have moved into a new awareness. There seems to be a lot fewer people seeking traditional help such as is offered on my website. This is a good thing. It may not be great news for the practitioners who rely on clients to help earn a living, but I see it a a move in the right direction. People somehow are realizing that the power of healing is within. Of course there are times when it is difficult to see inside ou...
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Testimonial: Reiki/Hypnosis

Posted by David Bellis on Thursday, December 31, 2009, In : Client Testimonials 

The first time I met David was truly amazing.

We had talked about Reiki prior to our first meeting. I asked David to come and do a Reiki healing session on me. Following two such sessions, which I found to be very beneficial, I asked if he could teach me how to do that. He agreed and subsequently attuned to me to level I and level II Reiki.


I immediately felt different, more relaxed, and more content and an overall feeling of positivity I've never felt before. I practiced using Reiki as ...

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About Me

David Bellis CHt / Reiki Master At the age of 16 I watched as a teacher and friend of mine demonstrated hypnosis on one of my fellow classmates. I was hooked. Fascinated by what had just occured, I began reading and studying Hypnosis. Within a year I had practiced with my friends at parties and gatherings. While reading between the lines of the do's and don'ts of Hypnosis I began to realize that there was more than just the spoken word at work here. Hypnosis was "voluntary" but "don't hypnotize yourself at the same time". WHY NOT? If I were to go "down" with the subject then stop at the point of control and at that "voluntary" level, could I send the subject even DEEPER down from there? YES. I was able to achieve what my teacher said was not possible. I believed that there was a mental/energetic connection between us all and later in life discovered this to be fact. My Reiki study proved this. I use a combination of traditional hypnosis and contemporary energy work to provde the best services I can to every client I see. Welcome to A Healing Edge. permit me to offer you that natural edge of health through the power of your own mind, the ultimate healer within all of us.
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