Having received e-mails from across the world recently, It appears that there are few people who practice spirit rescue.
Unfortunately other than a few local to the Toronto area (Ontario Canada) I don't know of others I can refer people to.
I am open to hearing from other spirit Rescue/Releasement practitioners so that I can direct inquiries local to these seemingly rare practitioners.
I have 2 e-mails which can be used:
It seems that there are more and more people realizing that there are forces interfering in their day to day lives.
I am going to devote this summer to being able to increase my exposure to help more and more people. Since I deal in a more spiritual approach to hypnosis than the conventional therapist, I do not have a day to day clientele. As a result I have a conventional "JOB" Monday to Friday. It is my hope to leave this by the fall of this year and do the hypnosis FULL time.
Any help to spread the word would be welcomed and appreciated..

David Bellis