We think we are so advanced in this modern age. We can cure diseases and manufacture almost anything immaginable. It is strange though that when it comes to healing and helping, we rely on age old concepts long ago forgotten. The Atlanteans used crystals to heal, Ancient civilizations used strange energies and words  (Hypnosis?..Reiki?) to access spiritual/mystic/trance-states of consciousness to access wonderous mechanisms of the human mind and energy field. At A Healing Edge I believe in looking deep inside for a solution to a problem which faces a client. In the face of all the modernization and technology we have in our lives, sometimes it is the simple basic SELF which holds the answer and the key.

How does this link to the title: Noah's Ark?

The Ark has been "re-discovered" and what it revealed was that even so long ago, the human mind and it's understadning of technology was not so far behind as once thought. Aluminum-Iron-Titanium alloy??!!

I thought this to be an amazing article and wished to share it.

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