Reference: David Bellis

February 19, 2009

I would like to provide a testimonial on the quality of professionalism and level of expertise provided to me by David Bellis.  I happened across David Bellis on a social network...we started to speak about Hypnosis & Regression.  I had so many questions, and such a keen desire to see what my past lives may have been, and how they may be affecting any emotional or mental levels of behaviour in my current life.

The best way to describe my 1st experience with David is “exciting”.  He was personable, friendly, kind and it was apparent rather quickly that he has a wonderful gift of spirituality.   The time we spent during my Past Life Hypnosis was thought provoking and very enjoyable.  David helped me to navigate through what I was seeing and helped me to make sense of what I was doing or where I may have been.  With David’s guidance I was finally able to receive the tools (aka knowledge) of how to break free from fears/uncertainties and move on to a more peaceful, relaxed future.

My next visit with David was a Hypno-Regression Party that I hosted with 6 of my closest girlfriends.  Each of us was individually regressed to our past lives and everyone openly shared their experiences with the group.  We cried tears of joy, we laughed until our bellies hurt, and we had a blast reviewing all of our recorded sessions and trying to best understand how our past lives were impacting our current lives.  Each of us was blown away by what we experienced. 

I highly recommend David Bellis to anyone that is willing to keep an open mind and to learn/grow through the experience that David will take you on.


Mrs. McKendrick