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Spirit Rescue 2014

Posted by David Bellis on Wednesday, April 23, 2014, In : Spirit Rescue 
Having received e-mails from across the world recently, It appears that there are few people who practice spirit rescue.
Unfortunately other than a few local to the Toronto area (Ontario Canada) I don't know of others I can refer people to.
I am open to hearing from other spirit Rescue/Releasement practitioners so that I can direct inquiries local to these seemingly rare practitioners.
I have 2 e-mails which can be used:
It seems that there are more and mor...
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A heightened state of awareness (H.S.A.) and Spirit Attachment

Posted by David Bellis on Thursday, August 12, 2010, In : Spirit Rescue 

I wish to comment more on the subject of H.S.A. therapy. Or Heightened State of Awareness therapy.
Contrary to traditional or contemporary hypnosis/guided meditation practices, H.S.A. therapy provides the client with the ability to consciously observe and be involved with the processes of spirit rescue or spirit releasement as well as other processes involving the inner awareness towards conflict resolution. (between conscious and subconscious)

H.S.A. allows the client to relax physically and m...

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David Bellis CHt / Reiki Master At the age of 16 I watched as a teacher and friend of mine demonstrated hypnosis on one of my fellow classmates. I was hooked. Fascinated by what had just occured, I began reading and studying Hypnosis. Within a year I had practiced with my friends at parties and gatherings. While reading between the lines of the do's and don'ts of Hypnosis I began to realize that there was more than just the spoken word at work here. Hypnosis was "voluntary" but "don't hypnotize yourself at the same time". WHY NOT? If I were to go "down" with the subject then stop at the point of control and at that "voluntary" level, could I send the subject even DEEPER down from there? YES. I was able to achieve what my teacher said was not possible. I believed that there was a mental/energetic connection between us all and later in life discovered this to be fact. My Reiki study proved this. I use a combination of traditional hypnosis and contemporary energy work to provde the best services I can to every client I see. Welcome to A Healing Edge. permit me to offer you that natural edge of health through the power of your own mind, the ultimate healer within all of us.
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