It is apparent that "Dust MItes" are the buzz words when it comes to indoor air quality in our homes.
With the coming of Fall, we are now closing our windows and doors and for the next 6 -7 months we will be living indoors for more hours per day than we do when the weather is nice and daylight hours are the majority as compared with Winter darkness.
We have super insulated our homes, double-glazed the windows and effectively prevent the exchange of air from inside the house to the outside. The result is that dust levels rise. 80% of the dust in our homes is dead sloughed off skin from our bodies. In one year the average 1500 sq ft home with 4 inhabitants generates over 40 lbs of dust in the form of dead skin cells. If this isn't a bad enough image to the mind's eye, imagine that within this dust are millions of dust mites.
EACH mite will eat 3-4 times its own weight in our dead skin per day and give off about 20 fecal particles per day. Within this fecal particle is a protein which is highly toxic to the human respiratory system. Breathing in these particles causes 50% of all athsma attacks and is the 2nd leading cause of emphysema.
I have purchased a home cleaning system for the air and the source of all house dust called the "Rainbow".
It is a machine which moves 120 cubic feet of air per minute and filters out 99.997% of the dust and solid particles from that air. The good part is it uses WATER as the FILTER. The same way rain washes the air outside the RAINBOW uses water as well.
If you are interested in learning more about this amazing product look up:
I decided to represent this product through a distributor in Barrie Ontario. So if you would like a demonstration of this amazing machine, Please write to me with the subject Rainbow and I would be happy to get back to you.

Breathe healthier.