I wish to comment more on the subject of H.S.A. therapy. Or Heightened State of Awareness therapy.
Contrary to traditional or contemporary hypnosis/guided meditation practices, H.S.A. therapy provides the client with the ability to consciously observe and be involved with the processes of spirit rescue or spirit releasement as well as other processes involving the inner awareness towards conflict resolution. (between conscious and subconscious)

H.S.A. allows the client to relax physically and mentally to the point where they can be consciously aware of the connection between conscious, subconscious, and higher self consciousness.

Although the concept of having discarnate beings attached to our own energy fields is somewhat difficult for many people to accept, I myself am quite amazed at the rampant proliferation of spirit attachments in today's society.

Vulnerability to spirit attachments comes when a person's own defenses are down. The defenses I am speaking of are electromagnetic defenses, or disruptions in our own electromagnetic field or aura.

These disruptions or vulnerabilities are caused by stress, emotional imbalances, personal traumas or difficulties, tiredness, electromagnetic interferences within our environment such as cell phones, electrical devices, and it is even suspected as a result of interferences caused by pharmaceuticals such as vaccines which include the mercury-based preservatives.

Often, Spirit Rescue is done remotely, or through a medium who contacts the various unseen entities from the Light and requests they rescue the attached entities. Although this can be successful at times, I have found that many of the attached entities themselves need counseling, healing, and often conflict-resolution therapy.

In a recent session it was discovered that the client had two attached entities: one was her father and the other was her grandfather. Neither was able to move into the Light because of an unresolved conflict they had with each other in life. Through H.S.A. the four of us were able to communicate openly with each other. Myself, the client, and the two attached entities. This open dialogue achievable only through H.S.A. permitted the conflict resolution and the ultimate passage into the Light of the two entities walking hand-in-hand with a renewed bond of love between them.

Not only were the two entities healed and rescued into the Light, but the client also was able to observe the resolution between her father and grandfather which had caused emotional vulnerability in her own life. For her to be able to observe her father and grandfather once again enjoying the natural relationship between a father and a son this removed the negative emotions which had been implanted in her at a very early age.

I urge you all to seriously look at finding out if YOU are carrying the unwanted physical and emotional baggage of someone who did not move into the Light and instead involuntarily attached to you.